Getting Started on your Free Website

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward having your own business website! The steps are many, but Your Biz Grows is here to help it be as easy for you as possible. We’ll start you on your journey by explaining how a website works and describing our FREE WEBSITE offer.

Why You Need a Free Website

Everywhere you look, people are staring at their phones. That’s why your business needs a website.

Searches by phone or computer have replaced phone books. When someone needs information, Google has the answer. Having a website provides the best of being in those search results.

Unlike other media, a website gives you flexibility.

  • Change product and service information ANY TIME.
  • Update special offerings.
  • Add new avenues of communication with your customers.
In addition, a website provides another avenue of advertising that works with your other methods.
  • Add your website to brochures and business cards.
  • Advertise on the Internet using Google, Facebook, and others.
  • Link your website to apps such as Google Maps or review apps such as Yelp.
Your website is the basic building block needed for opening avenues of communication with customers that are looking for YOU!

The 3 Things Your Free Website Needs

At the most basic level, every website needs 3 things to work.

Thing 1: Web Host

Websites live on a Web Host. Consider a major website, such as Facebook. When you add a picture to your Facebook account, your browser sends that picture over the Internet to a Facebook server. Facebook saves your picture on a computer called a server, just as are the pictures posted by millions of other Facebook users.

Similar to Facebook, your website likewise lives on a server. That is what a Web Hosting Company provides. Web hosting companies have a charge every month, comparable to how phone companies bill. They are providing a valuable service that allows your customers to reach the website you want them to see.

Your Biz Grows will help you find a Web Host for your website at no extra cost to you! The monthly charges billed to you by the web hosting company. We really like InMotion Hosting because the price is reasonable, the servers are very fast, and they regularly apply security updates to your website.

Thing 2: Domain Name

When a customer wants to go to your website, your Domain Name is what your customer enters. For example, our customers enter

Your cell phone is useless without a phone number, right? Without a phone number, how are people able to call you? It’s the same way with websites. Without a domain name, your customers won’t be able to get to your website. The domain name will point to your web host, just as your phone number points to your cell phone. A global directory of domain names for websites is like a phone directory for phone numbers.

Just as no two cell phones can share the same phone number, no two websites can use the same domain name. You must find one not used by someone else. 

Your Biz Grows will help you find and register a unique Domain Name for your website. Once again we search at no extra cost to you! You’ll have a small annual charge issued by the global directory.

Thing 3: Content

Now that you have your website hosted on a server AND have a domain name pointing to it, you are ready for the best part: deciding what you want your customers to see when they visit your website! Your new website starts as a blank slate, ready for everything. Filling that blank slate is the Content of the website.

There are many types of content. There’s the information appearing on your site’s pages. You’ll likewise have an assortment of pictures and images. The general arrangement of your website is what make your website looks consistent as your customer goes from page to page.

Content is the hardest of the 3 things websites need. Fortunately for you, publishing content is what Your Biz Grows does best. We’ll help you get your content started for free. Continue reading for more details about our Free Website Offer!


Free Website Offer!

Trust us! Getting your new website going isn’t as hard as you think. Your Biz Grows makes it easy for you to get started – FOR FREE!

FREE! – Interview you to determine what type of website best fits the vision of your business.

MORE FREE! – Help you choose a great, high performance Web Host.

FREE! – Help you find a Domain Name so your customers can get to your website.

ALSO FREE! – Create a fantastic 1-page website, using your own graphics or helping you find something appropriate.

FREE! – Train you to make changes to your website in the future.

Why a Free Website?

Nothing is free, right? So why do we offer free services?

Your Biz Grows believes strongly that every small business deserves its best chance at success. When a business succeeds, it helps the entire community.

Marketing is a very important part of building a successful business. How are your future customers going to find you? And how are you going to afford to pay for a marketing strategy?

When a small business is getting started, cash is at a premium. Our free offer allows your marketing effort to get started with very little cost. All you need is a Domain Name and a Web Host, both of which we can help you find and purchase. We’ll also design and code a fantastic beginning website at NO ADDITIONAL COST. 

As your business grows, your marketing needs will increase. By then your cash flow will be better, and you can afford a larger marketing budget. After already having a great experience with Your Biz Grows, we hope you’ll consider using our additional services. Our goal is to be your first choice.

We want you to take the first step and get started. We make it as easy as possible for you to get started. Once you get to know us, we trust you’ll come back for more!

Now That You Know...

In today’s world, your business NEEDS a website. Your customers NEED it to be able to find you.

Your Biz Grows offers you a FREE, professionally produced website. Where else can you find something that you NEED for FREE?

You know what you NEED. You know where to get it for FREE. What are you waiting for?

Click the button below to get started. You have my word that you’ll be glad you did!

Clint Brown, President of Your Biz Grows

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